Lindsay’s Journey of Giving Back

Lindsay’s Journey of Giving Back

Lindsay’s story is one of dedication and commitment to her local community. Every week, Lindsay volunteers her time at the local foodbank, helping unpack and shelve goods, serve customers and keeping the foodbank clean and tidy. She looks forward to going to the foodbank every week, as it’s a time for her to give back to her community, and build relationships with members of her local area.

Before Lindsay joined Step Forward Support as a supported living customer, she was struggling with anxiety and depression, and feeling very isolated in her everyday life. However, since joining Step Forward Support, Lindsay has had the opportunity to explore her hobbies and interests, build a strong support network around her, and begin volunteering at the foodbank.

Lindsay has mentioned to staff at Step Forward Support that volunteering at the foodbank has helped her build her confidence, and has given her a sense of purpose. The foodbank has become a place of comfort and support for Lindsay, and she is thrilled to have gained valuable community links where she lives. Volunteering at the foodbank has also helped Lindsay develop a range of skills, such as communication and problem solving, which she will be able to use in her everyday life.

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