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Making Feedback Easier

Link tree QR code

Enabling visitors to our services to leave feedback is an important requirement that has historically proven difficult to obtain. By using a QR code that directs to a linktree, we can provide an easy way to access not only our feedback form but also our social media channels and our website, all from one simple push-button menu.

Linktree provides a simple user experience which allows access to any number of links from one website or app using only a smartphone camera. By creating a QR code that takes the user directly to the link tree, this journey becomes even simpler, promoting access and feedback in the shortest number of virtual steps.

Our link tree currently provides access to our homepage, Feedback Form, Facebook Page, Twitter Page, LinkedIn Page, and Instagram Page. Other links can be added at any time without the need to renew the QR code. Soon we hope to add a link to our current employment vacancies to enable an easy way to apply for jobs.

You can experience the process now by opening your device’s camera and pointing it at the QR code above (older devices may require a QR code scanner to be added from the app/play store).

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