24 Devonshire Road

  • CQC Registered Care Home
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • Dedicated Management Team On-Site
  • Mental Health and Learning Disabilities
  • Adults

24 Devonshire Road is a CQC registered care home which provides 24hr accommodation and care for people with complex and challenging mental health needs including learning disabilities. We have the skills to support people to:

  • Focus on Recovery
    • Develop better ways to manage mental health crises and minimise relapses.
    • Avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and reduce length of stay in hospital
    • Safely return to community living after they are discharged from hospital
    • Manage medication changes in the community;  such as initiating Clozaril

Our service offers hope and learning; we support service users to develop everyday living skills, gain confidence to manage their illness, achieve independence and enjoy a better quality of life.

24 Devonshire Road is a recovery focused service. Service users receive daily care and support tailored to their needs to be able to stabilise their lives and continue on their journey towards recovery.

Andrew Kapfunde – Clinical Director


We accept referrals from inpatient units, community services and a wide range of agencies throughout the city. When a referral is received, an assessment of needs will be promptly arranged and an invitation to visit our service will also be organised. Once the referral is accepted and funding is agreed, arrangements to move in will be finalised with the service user and the referrer.


We are located in Handsworth Wood, Birmingham.


Devonshire Road is a comfortable, warm and friendly environment comprising of:

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 24 hr on-site support
  • Shared kitchen and lounges.
  • Large gardens with opportunity for horticultural activities.

We run programs of social, recreational and daily living skills includes: Art, Keep fit, Relaxation, cooking lessons, shopping, social evenings and outings in line with people’s preferences.


Devonshire Road provides a 24 hours service with a positive culture embedded in our everyday practice. This service is run by a carefully selected team of staff with a good range of skills and experience. They have access to regular training, supervision and coaching; which ensures we deliver a safe and caring service. We actively seek feedback to help us develop and improve.

The team includes:
  • A Registered Mental Health Nurse/Registered Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Deputy Service Manager
  • Support Workers


We use a person centred approach to work with service users to develop personal support plans to achieve recovery goals such as:

  • Maintaining positive mental & physical health
  • Relapse prevention
  • Medication management
  • Self care
  • Budgeting
  • Shopping & cooking
  • Accessing education & employment
  • Accessing leisure
  • Moving on from Devonshire Road.

The team will support service users to:

  • Work toward independence and autonomy by developing and maintaining everyday living skills, values and interests to create meaningful roles and routines.
  • Engage with their community in a safe and sustainable way.
  • Reduce vulnerability in the community by working with the risk assessment and safeguarding processes to actively managing risks.
  • Access GP services and other agencies relevant to their health and wellbeing to keep them safe and well.
  • Gain vocational skills for paid and voluntary employment.
  • Plan for the future and how to move on from Devonshire Road.


At Step Forward Support, service users will:

  • Experience dignity and respect;
  • Express their choices;
  • Have their voice heard;
  • Be part of their local community;
  • Feel safe;
  • Be supported to maintain contact with friends and family


Service users are expected to:

  • Be involved in leading their own care and work towards personal Recovery goals.
  • Agree to and follow the terms of their tenancy agreement.
  • Be considerate and respectful to other service users residing at Devonshire Road and their neighbours.
  • Be able to verbally de-escalate with the support of staff when angry.
  • Be able willing to work towards developing or regaining everyday living skills
  • Work toward accessing the community with limited support.


Outcomes will include:

  • Personally identified goals; most meaningful to the service user and their family.
  • Improved quality of life; measurable mental and physical health outcomes.
  • Reduced level of risk.
  • Self management of symptoms and medication.
  • Being able to live within the least restrictive environment.
  • Increased ability to cope with life stresses
  • Increased ability to be involved in the community.
  • Maintaining more stable family and social relationships.


Step Forward Support work closely with a variety of professionals and agencies to support service users safely and effectively. Our wider team includes:

  • Commissioning Teams
  • Adult Inpatient Services (Acute, Rehabilitation, Forensic)
  • Adult Community Services (Recovery, Assertive Outreach, Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment Teams)
  • General Practices,
  • General Hospitals,
  • District nurses, Health visitors,
  • Dentists, Podiatry, Dieticians


There is no set time limit; each service user is assisted to achieve their potential at their own pace. Some people may only require short term support during a mental health crisis.

We anticipate that a typical length of stay could be up to 12 months if a service user has long term needs but the placement will be reviewed regularly and when optimal independence is achieved, service users will be supported to move to more suitable accommodation.


We adopt a needs led approach
Our admission criteria are determined by the needs of the individual rather than diagnostic labels.

We enable the right solution to be identified
We ensure that the service user is cared for within the least restrictive environment with our positive risk taking, recovery focused ethos.

We ensure that the right systems are in place
All our processes are designed and delivered to promote early and smooth transition out of the service.

We ensure partnership working is maintained throughout the pathway
we continue to liaise and work with commissioners and care co-ordinators throughout the service users stay.


If you would like any more information about our services or would like to discuss a referral, please get in touch via the contact us page.