David painting the lounge wall at Millfield Road

Painting the lounge walls made me feel calm.

– David

Service Users at Millfield Road used the opportunity provided by the first lockdown to redecorate the shared lounge of their home. Like many people in the UK and around the world, the pandemic meant that the residents of Millfield Road spent much more time at home during 2020, a situation that hasn’t changed much in the first quarter of 2021. But rather than sitting on their hands, the individuals who live in our care home decided to pick up a brush and get creative.

Mosin and David were really enthusiastic about painting their home and I feel really proud that they got involved and enjoyed the task, it was really nice to see them work together.

June Rowe – Home Manager

The decision to decorate was the result of a conversation between the service users and the support team regarding what activities they would like to be involved in during lockdown. David and Mosin, two of the residents of Millfield Road, suggested the painting and it was agreed and supervised by June Rowe, the home manager.

Mosin decorating the lounge at Millfield Road
Mosin taking part in the redecoration of his home

Following the initial success, decorating has continued in other areas of the shared spaces and sparked enthusiasm within some residents to get more involved. One resident, David, said that painting the walls of the lounge made him feel calm and he is keen to do more. Another resident, Robert, has warmed to the new d├ęcor and now wishes to have his bedroom decorated.

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