Celebrating achievements and making memories – that’s what it’s all about!

At Step Forward Support, we believe in the power of community and support to make a positive impact in people’s lives. That’s why we were thrilled to see Josh’s journey of growth and success, with the help of our team member Lorraine.

Josh had previously been excluded from the community due to lifestyle choices, but with the help of Lorraine from Step Forward Support, he was able to break down those barriers and find a place to belong. The Alpaca group Celebration and Graduation 2022 was a testament to the hard work and dedication of both Josh and Lorraine, as they received certificates for their achievements.

Josh’s journey with the Alpaca group has been nothing short of remarkable. Not only has he had the opportunity to engage in a variety of different activities and meet new people, but he has also formed meaningful relationships and made new friends. This group has become something that Josh looks forward to on a weekly basis and we couldn’t be more proud of the progress he has made.

The future is looking bright for Josh, and we can’t wait to see what else he will accomplish. As a part of the Alpaca group, Josh will continue to be supported and encouraged as he strives towards his goals. Congratulations Josh, and here’s to many more achievements and milestones!

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